What is Bigpepa?

Bigpepa is rescue service camp. It has been arranged annually since year 2000. Camp is hosted by Finnish Red Cross Satakunta district.
So camp has been working over twenty years and it has hosted thousands of people from all age ranges. The Camp itself contains five sub camps.

Structure of Bigpepa

  • 1.Subcamp 6-8 years old
  • 2.Subcamp  8-11 years old
  • 3.Subcamp 12-13 years old
  • 4.Subcamp 14-15 years old
  • 5.International subcamp 16 years and older
  • Red Cross staff
There is a place for everyone in Bigpepa. Even though camp is separated to subcamps there is still plenty of shared program with a whole camp.

Subcamp programs have been planned to fit for each age groups so international camp will include content for more mature youngsters.

International camp’s default language is naturally English. We are pretty fluent with English here in Finland so it is easy to connect with people (even the young ones start to learn English within first school years).

Why to Bigpepa?

Bigpepa really is a unique experience. You will bring a whole bunch of new exciting memories back home. You can also learn new useful skills like giving first-aid or survival in nature.
First-aid and rescue service skills
There will be a good amount of first-aid practise in Bigpepa. We aim to teach practical first-aid skills which will help people to act right in case of an emergency.

We will introduce you our rescue service which helps you to understand how searching for lost people is organized. Also, you will get readiness not to get lost in woods and acquire skills how you can find yourself out of the situation of being lost.

Living with a nature and survival skills

We live nicely with nature. Which means that camp attendees get to sleep in the tents in the woods. Execution is planned in a way that you will still get a good night’s sleep. Our experienced staff will be available 24/7. So everything will be nice and safe.

You can also learn handy survival skills like kindling a fire or how to trek in a forest.

Information and history of Red Cross

Everyone in staff is a member of a Finnish Red Cross. So you will learn about Red Crosses values and history as much as you want.

The staff will be all around Finland. So there will be people who have a bunch of different experience areas about Red Cross activities which they are willing to share with you. 

New friends and great food

The best thing about Bigpepa is its people. There is a guarantee that you will get new friends. Usually, the most negative thing is the end of a camp which seems to come every year too early!

The camp’s kitchen also deserves a big shoutout. It is a mystery why some pretty basic food tastes like five-star restaurant dish there in nature.

Where is Bigpepa and what does it cost to get there?

Coordinates are 61°39’49.7″N 21°27’14.6″E. Camp is free of charge for our international guests. We also help you to get there.

Addres: Anttoorantie 558, 28900 Pori, Finland

Bigpepa camp area is actually on the island but it is still accessible with a car. So the climate is oceanic which means you should bring warm clothes with you! There will be more thorough equipment recommendations further on the website.

There will be guidance from a very start when you are boarding to Finland. We will ensure that you will get to camp and back to the airport safely. 

Your society or participants will cover your travel expenses. So the camp and traveling will be practically free of charge for you. Food! Dining is included so there will not be an additional fee for dining. The participants will be guests of the Finnish Red Cross while staying in Finland.

Of course, if you want to spend some extra on souvenirs in a city or buy some sweets from a kiosk those will be on you.

How to prepare for Bigpepa?

Here are listed everything you need to get through camp easily. See the list below.

  •  Outdoor cutlery in a non-plastic shopping bag. (plastic bag doesn’t breath)
  • Warm sleeping bag (we have some extras if needed)
  • Light clothes: T-shirts, shorts, blouses…
  • Warm clothes: trousers, warm sweaters, pullover, coat, cap…
  • Do not bring your best clothes, because camp is held in the forest.
  • Raincoat / waterproof clothes and shoes
  • Good walking shoes
  • Towel, swimming suit
  • Nightclothes
  • Toilet necessary (toothbrush, shampoo, etc…)
  • In case of medication, equipment (the nurse is available around the clock at the campsite)
  • Sun cap, shades & sun lotion
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Small rucksack for day & swimming trips (“a daypack”)
  • Flashlight with batteries

Remember to name tag your gear!

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